Bread FAQs House of Bread San Luis Obispo

At House of Bread Bakery Cafe, we take our time to produce the best tasting products, using all-natural ingredients, just like Grandma used to. Our products taste better, and are better for you, than those mass-produced breads purchased from the grocery store.

Here’s Why:

  • We only use wholesome, all-natural, high quality ingredients and natural processes.
  • All our products are hand-made like Grandma used to do, making each loaf extra special and high quality.
  • We use fresh wheat and white flours that are milled utilizing all-natural processes. The natural steel cut milling process provides minimal heat gain, which guarantees more nutrients are included in the final ingredient, making the bread more wholesome and flavorful.
  • House of Bread Bakery Cafe uses pure honey as a sweetener and a natural preservative. Honey acts as a natural antioxidant and can be easily digested by your body. We never use unnatural preservatives, such as high fructose corn syrup, like the grocery store breads.
  • All our products including cinnamon rolls, pastries, and breads are naturally fat-free. House of Bread Bakery Cafe products are produced without fat. When fat is used, it comes from natural sources, such as eggs, olive oil, canola oil or real, unsalted butter.